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Madras High Court to government: Can social media firms be treated as accused in criminal cases?

omicron ............

shifting focus to the latest omicron variant now covet cases continue to soar with each passing day as per latest data the number of infections recorded nearly 3 million globally this week only now this is an increase of nearly 11 percent compared to last week now the region where

 most rise and infections took place were in asia and europe nepal saw the biggest increase with around 330 percent it was followed by kosovo with an increase by 281 percent kazakhstan saw a rise of 271 percent iraq nearly about 256 percent and japan with 252 percent meanwhile in india the cases saw an increase of nearly 57 percent latin america and the caribbean islands saw an increase of 36 percent followed by the middle eastern countries with 32 now on a per capita basis the country with the biggest number of new cases this week remained denmark it was followed by israel france portugal and slovenia the number of total debts around the world has risen by about nine percent compared to the previous week now most numbers of daily debts were recorded in the united states with nearly 2 000 per day followed by russia with around 700 deaths india has recorded around 380 debt so far the country's reporting the highest death rates in proportion to their population

 were trinard and tobacco followed by bulgaria slovakia and croatia but there seems to be some hope where omicron was first reported now the upsurge in cases were less reported in these areas cases fell by a tenth in africa and about six percent in the united states and canada ireland saw the biggest drop in new cases with a 56 percent decline followed by nambia with a 51 drop and the cyprus were 35 while the united kingdom and greece saw 32 percent dip in cases 

Madras High Court to government: Can social media firms be treated as accused in criminal cases?

now can social media enterprises be treated as indicted in felonious cases that of course is the big question that's being posed by the madras high court to the state government of the indian state of tamil nadu

 the high court has asked the opinion of the lawyers at large regarding this count the judge has asked if the government has any medium to help abuse

 since ordnance and lemon making videotape tutorials are fluently and freely available on the internet the judges observed that if a person who's observing similar vids commits an offense also the social media platform has to be treated or can be treated as a better of the offence during the hearing the judge also said that social media platforms are being used to blemish the image of people and also to abet crimes the compliances were made by the judge while hearing a police solicitation to cancel the bill granted to durai murugan he's a youtuber and a functionary of ntk a tamil nationalist party not just in india but governments around the world are placing some strict scrutiny on the content that's now being posted on social media it was this week that twitter lost an online hate speech court battle in france

 the paris prayers court has asked twitter to expose as to what it does to attack hate speech the decision has really handed a lot of security to contenders in the rest of europe campaigning for tougher controls to help hate inspired content and other crimes in social media now australia's civil government is formerly considering emendations to their sequestration act of 1988 with new regulations for social media companies in 2021 germany amended its network enforcement act to more fight online detest speech and fake news in social news network in january 2019 the canadian government had called on social media platforms to combat this information just ahead of the election and interestingly just a day after parag agarwal took over as the ceo of twitter the social media platform itself disallowed sharing of private media son's authorization twitter had stressed growing enterprises about the abuse of media and information as a tool to kill intimidate and also to reveal the individualities of individualities bjorn is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move

Austria becomes first European country to make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for adults|

Austria becomes first European country to make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for adults|

 Austria has become the first country in europe to approve mandatory covid19 vaccinations for adults the mandate begins next month despite a wave of protests the new legislation passed with 137 votes in favor and just 33 votes against in the 183 seat parliament the measure was announced back in november it was part of a bid to drive up the country's flagging vaccination rate 72 percent of austrian residents have now been fully vaccinated against the covid19 virus the new law takes effect on february the 4th

 under the legislation those holding out against the jab could face fines of up to

 one hundred dollars the measure applies to adults except for pregnant women and those with a medical exemption 

 to incentivize those who are still wavering the government is launching a lottery for the vaccinated 500 euro vouchers will be used as prizes that can be used in shops hotels restaurants and cultural and sporting venues the daily infection tolls in austria continue to break records as well as elsewhere in europe including in france but prime minister of france john kastex says the wave of infections due to the omicron variant is subsiding he says france will therefore begin a gradual lifting of restrictions 

 from january the 24th a certificate of vaccination will be required to enter public venues like restaurants cafes and cinemas

 since the announcement of that vaccine passed one million french people have got vaccinated 93 percent of french adults have had at l

American airlines flight from Miami to London flies back to US | Pandemic | Mask Mandate

An american airlines flight from miami to london has turned around and flown back to the u.s because a female passenger refused to wear a face mask she's been placed on the airline's no-fly customers list pending an investigation it joins a list of mid-air mask disputes during the pandemic in october the passenger was accused of punching an american airlines flight attendant in the nose giving her a concussion in may last year a california woman on a southwest airlines flight repeatedly punched a flight attendant she bloodied the attendant's face chipped her teeth as well after being asked to wear her face mask properly these episodes are not rare according to the federal aviation administration last year it received reports of 4920 mask related incidents from january the 1st 92 face mask related incidents have already been reported on the topic of masks but changing tax slightly in england they will no longer be mandatory in public places as the government moves away from so-called plan b coveted restrictions and this week the education secretary removed the requirement for masks to be worn in classrooms in secondary schools he says the education department will reach out to teachers that don't drop masks but some head teachers remain unconvinced and are defying the government's guidance more than a hundred schools have already written to parents to say that children must continue wearing masks in lessons however other schools have welcomed the change in guidance although many will allow children who want to wear masks to continue to do so


Antony Blinken and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov to hold talks on Russia-Ukraine crisis

Antony Blinken and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov to hold talks on Russia-Ukraine crisis

 It is one of the most crucial days for russia ukraine the u.s and its european allies

 u.s secretary of state anthony blinken and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov have landed in geneva the two leaders will meet today in a bid to defuse escalating tensions between russia and ukraine as the situation stands at this moment a russian submarine has test-fired a carliba cruise missile against a land-based target from the sea of japan this is according to russia's defense ministry this comes amid russia's announcement of navy will conduct a series of military drills this month the drills will involve all its fleets in the atlantic pacific arctic and mediterranean russian military moves are being closely scrutinized this is because of a troop built up near ukraine moscow has time and again denied any intention to attack ukraine ukrainian defense ministry has also released footage showing its soldiers conducting drills near annex crimea soldiers practiced rapid deployment of bm21 grand multiple rocket launchers they carried out tactical military exercises at a shooting range in the kershawn region

 there is rising fears that a simmering conflict in ukraine's eastern donbass region could erupt into open war russia annexed ukrainians or ukraine's crimea region in 2014 uh

 the u.s has given a green light for baltic nations to rush u.s made weapons to ukraine with lithuania lithuanian defense minister has confirmed that his country was sending defense and other aid to ukraine this is in order to deter russia from attacking latvia has signaled at its intentions to send both lethal and non-lethal defense equipment

 to ukraine estonia says it has plans to send dozens of javelin anti-tank missiles

 back in berlin blinken first met with his counterparts from germany and france and a representative of for great britain before he sat down for bilateral talks with germany's new foreign minister anna lena berbock he continued to drum up support from european allies this is to present a united front ahead of last-ditch attempts to defuse tensions lincoln accused russia of threatening the foundation the wild order with its military buildup he called for concrete and global response if russia decides to invade ukraine i have come to berlin at a moment of great urgency for europe for the united states and

 i would argue for the world russia is continuing to escalate its threat toward ukraine we've seen that again in just the last few days with increasingly bellicose rhetoric

 building up its forces on ukraine's borders including now in belarus russia has repeatedly turned away from agreements that have kept the peace across the continent for decades and it continues to take aim at nato a defensive voluntary alliance that protects nearly a billion people across europe and north america russia has accused the west of plotting provocations in ukraine spokesperson for russian foreign ministry has said that the west's claims of a russian attack were a cover for staging large-scale provocations of their own she was seemingly referring to the delivery of weapons to ukraine by british military transport plant planes information issues


Former Pope Benedict XVI failed to act against abusive priests in Germany

former pope benedict xvi has been incriminated over his failure to act over four cases of child sexual abuse during his tenure as the archbishop of munich this is a probe carried out by a german law firm into the catholic church new reports allege that the pope was made cognizant of the facts of the case but failed to act and that in fact the accused remained active in their pastoral duties during his tenure from 1977 to 1982.

 in a total of four cases we have come to the conclusion that the then archbishop cardinal ratzinger is to be accused of misconduct in cases of sexual assault the former pope was the first pontiff in 2013 to resign over 600 years citing old age and health issues however there was a lot more to it than just that renewed attention on purple affairs in fighting and scandals all played a part in the former pope's decision to step down pope benedict has denied these charges this is only the latest scandal to have come to light though earlier the pope had denied having any knowledge of sexual abuse

 at the mexico-based legendaries

 or legionaries of christ's catholic religious order the founder of the legionaries of christ martial massiel who died in 2008 2 has been accused of abusing minors not just that the current munich archbishop reinhard max has also been accused of failing to act on two cases of abuse meanwhile the vatican has expressed shame and remorse for child sexual abuse by catholic clergy according to an analyst the vatican has assured that they are taking this document seriously and that they will make a comment after the report has been examined

French parliament condemns China's Uighur abuse, passes a resolution declaring it as 'Genocide'China, Russia delays US bid to sanction North Koreans at UN |

French parliament condemns China's Uighur abuse, passes a resolution declaring it as


 In a fresh blow to china and its alleged atrocities in xinjiang province french parliament has now passed a resolution declaring china's treatment of uiga muslims a genocide the french assembly adopted a resolution on target that officially recognizes the china's treatment of the uyga minority as a crime against humanity with this france has now joined a list of other western nations in labeling the chinese atrocities earlier belgium the netherlands canada the united states and the united kingdom had previously passed similar motions the netherlands was the first eu country to adopt a resolution in february 2021.

 france's non-binding resolution was adopted with 169 votes in favor and just one against french members of parliament have also called on macron's government to adopt a similar resolution to protect the minorities the declaration comes just two weeks before the start of the 2022 winter olympics in beijing the upcoming winter olympics which is scheduled to start from february 4th has been hit by a flurry of diplomatic boycotts the united states britain australia and canada announced diplomatic boycotts last month over china's alleged rights abuse in xinjiang province

China, Russia delays US bid to sanction North Koreans at UN |

china and russia have delayed a usf force at the united nations to impose sanctions on five north koreans in response to recent missile launches by pyongyang the move by beijing and moscow came before a closed-door u.n security council meeting on north korea on thursday the second in two weeks after pyongyang fired tactical guided missiles this week the u.s had already imposed sanctions on five north korean individuals linked to the country's ballistic missile program but i'd wanted the un to extend sanctions to those same five people china and russia however placed a hold on the proposal putting it in limbo since the block period can last for six months the united states immediately expressed its displeasure saying that failing to meet out sanctions was like giving a blank check to pyongyang

 we have

 these sanctions uh for a reason and for any member state to oppose putting sanctions on that have been agreed to by the entire security council gives in my view the dprk a blank check as i i said before seven council members the us albania brazil france ireland the uae britain and japan said in a joint statement that the launch has demonstrated pyongyang's determination to pursue weapons of mass destruction at all costs the dprk's unlawful behavior is a threat to international peace and security these launches demonstrate the regime's determination to pursue weapons of mass destruction and ballista missile programs at all costs including at the expense of its own people albania brazil france ireland japan united arab emirates and the united kingdom and the united states call on our fellow council members to be unified in condemning the dprk for its acts in violation of u.n security council resolutions north korea has already carried out four missile tests this year the first being on the 5th of january two of the launches were hypersonic missiles and another test

 last friday used a pair of short-range missiles fired from train cars since 2006 north korea has been under strict u.n sanctions all of which seek to curb the country's nuclear and ballistic missile program while the biden administration has tried to engage with pyongyang its attempts have been unsuccessful and north korea has continued developing its nuclear program in violation of u.n sanctions and despite the country's own worsening economic situation in fact according to pyongyang's state-run media the country was preparing for a long-term confrontation with the united states north korean leader kim jong-un presided over a meeting at the party central committee's political bureau in a likely reference to pyongyang's nuclear and icbm programmes the meeting gave an instruction to a sector concerned to promptly examine the issue of restarting all activities that had been temporarily suspended

Afghanistan: Taliban storms Kabul apartment, arrests woman activist and her sistersTaliban PM Hassan Akhund makes desperate call for government recognition


Afghanistan: Taliban storms Kabul apartment, arrests woman activist and her sisters

The taliban have stormed an apartment in kabul after sundown and arrested a woman rights activist along with her sisters a group of 10 armed men claiming to be taliban intelligence officials have smashed the door of an apartment in central kabul according to the accounts narrated by an eyewitness the men charged inside and arrested tamanna zaryabi paryani and her four sisters tamanna is a women's rights activist she was among a dozen of women seen demonstrating on the weekend against the compulsory hijab rule in the country the arrest came hours after a video of the activist was circulated on social media in this video tamanna was seen screaming for help inside her apartment she can be seen breathless and screaming for help against the taliban who have barged into her apartment

 since sweeping to power in august the taliban have imposed widespread restrictions many of them are directed at women their freedom have been restricted and employment levels have fallen

 women are forced to leave their jobs and education hard worn gains in women's rights over the last two decades have been quickly reversed women have been seen protesting on the streets against the taliban on several occasions and sometimes they have been trashed for raising their voices against the regime

Taliban PM Hassan Akhund makes desperate call for government recognition |

now promising the taliban's regime has made a pretty desperate call for the administration's recognition the taliban remember stormed to power in kabul on the 15th of august last year enough the taliban is urging other nations that it be officially recognized addressing the country's massive economic crisis mohammed hassan akum told a press conference that i call on the muslim nations to take the lead and to recognize us officially then i hope that we'll be able to develop quickly no country remember so far has recognized the taliban government many members of the taliban regime are on an international sanctions list hence nations are facing the task of channelizing even financial aid into afghanistan
 now the heartland islamists are known for human rights abuses during their first stint in power from 1996 and 2001 while the group is struggling to gain global recognition the taliban has been trying to reach out to afghan diplomats but most of them are avoiding the outreach the taliban has even requested for ambassadors to hold online conference calls with their acting foreign minister amir khan mataki the ambassadors appointed by former president ashfani reportedly defied the offer from the taliban nearly about 45 of ghana embassies and 20 consulates remain open around the world after coming to power the taliban began reaching out to the afghan diplomats and sought their names and active work plans the taliban's outreach has ever been viewed as a side of the group planning to take control of all 65 foreign outposts
 the iran ambassadors chose not to respond iran diplomats and ambassadors across the world are putting up a resistance and have refused to represent the taliban regime in kabul many of them are left serving in exile without a country to return to the diplomats are now left to sort out on how to even run the finances of the embassy
 representing a government that no longer exists even in exile working without salaries and rents and laying off locally employed staff and relying on donations from other foreign embassies and selling embassy cars at this point of time to pay for their expenses
 now these are just some of the ways as to how the ambassador has been trying to keep the embassies running the several of the iran ambassadors are serving as a voice in exile for afghan democracy
 since afghanistan's embassies across the world have been in a bit of a limbo the taliban anticipates that many embassies will soon run out of money but whether they should abandon them altogether or shut down at this point of time even without a government in exile to report to at this point of time is something that still hangs in the balance