King Æthelberht & Kent's Golden Age 560-616What did King Ethelbert of Kent do and why did it matter?

 In the aftermath of the Roman withdrawal from Britain in the early 5th century AD death came swiftly to the originally Celtic now romanized province at first it came from the wild trucks have been charted forest land to the north in the form of the pigs the later still it came in long ships and brought with it the worship of north Scots these originally mercenary warriors were Angles Saxons Dukes Frisians various other Germanic peoples from just across the channel they sought land and wealth and a new life in the formerly Roman province at first they mostly consisted of large groups of heavily armed warriors infamous pirates that came mostly from villages scattered along the coastlines of Denmark and northern Germany from where they had raided land on both sides of the channel for centuries the Romans had long paid them to fight in their armies as auxiliaries and now the Western Empire was crumbling and certainty filled the continent by the time the Romans pulled out of Britain in the

What Was The Earth Like 2 Billion Years Ago?

 An icy wind blows over the permafrost on the desolate cola peninsula this is an unforgiving landscape barren and isolated but it is where the soviet union hoped to make history inside a small concrete overstructure with corrugated iron panels rattling in the wind a huge drill bit more than 20 centimeters in diameter is lowered towards the ground and begins to descend  the year is 1970 and the cold war race for technological supremacy between the u.s and soviet superpowers is according to some over the americans beat the reds to the moon the previous summer and space is now adorned with stars and stripes the russian cosmonauts are forever runners-up but there is another lesser-known cold war contest what  did  earth  look  like  4.5  billion years ago what was the earth like  million  years ago  describe 1.2  billion years ago when  was earth  discovered 4.54  billion years ago first life on  earth how  earth was  born Page navigation What was Earth like for the first 2 billion years?

How Did The Earth Form?Knowledge about Earth?history of earth .What are 5 interesting facts about Earth? What is the knowledge of the earth? What are 10 interesting facts about Earth? Why is the earth important?

 Just to the west of the new city of Flagstaff Arizona beneath the starry sky stands of ponderosa pines marching off into the distance  they're enshrined in a domed Observatory atop the peak of a modest  Mesa despite the lateness of the hour a solitary figure works surrounded by some of the finest astronomical equipment of his age watched over by the silent trees the year is 1909 is Percival Lowell and he is studying Mars a wealthy American businessman Lowell established this Observatory in order to pursue his singular all-consuming passion the study of the red planet the observatory and the 24 inch telescope it houses is the first in the world to be sighted at altitude on top of Mars Hill as it will come to be known Lowell's telescope is more than 2,000 meters above sea level enjoying the benefits of an extraordinarily clear view of the heavens with less atmosphere to distort the light on its way to Earth's surface the new Observatory reveals stars and planets with remarka

King Sigurd & The Norwegian Crusade How did Sigurd die in real life? Who was Sigurd Bjornson? Who had the ring before Sigurd? Did Vikings go to Jerusalem?

 On the 20th of September 1066 a battle was fought on the outskirts of the village of Fulford in northern England the English Earl's edwin of Mercia and Morcar of Northumbria had hastily gathered their forces together along with the local Lords of the north to mount a defense against this last great Viking invasion of England these were no mere raiders facing them across the fields to the combined might of the kingdom of Norway along with its allies and the Scottish Isles and also the recently deposed English Earl of Northumbria the brother of the new king kostik Godwinson  The English struck first advancing on the Norwegians before they could fully deploy but this wasn't the Norwegian Kings first battle he was Harald Hardrada the famous Viking who had spent his entire lifetime adventuring and battling all over the known world from modern-day Palestine to Italy to Russia to Ukraine he had carved out a fortune from the blood of his enemies and fought against far greater men than

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King Æthelberht & Kent's Golden Age 560-616What did King Ethelbert of Kent do and why did it matter?

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