Harald Hardrada: King of Norway What was Harald Hardrada famous for? Was Harald Hardrada a good king? How did Harald Hardrada die in the battle of Hastings? Who defeated King Harold of Norway?

 On the 20th of September 1066 a battle was fought on the outskirts of the village of Fulford in northern England the English Earl's edwin of Mercia and Morcar of Northumbria had hastily gathered their forces together along with the local Lords of the north to mount a defense against this last great Viking invasion of England these were no mere raiders facing them across the fields to the combined might of the kingdom of Norway along with its allies and the Scottish Isles and also the recently deposed English Earl of Northumbria the brother of the new king kostik Godwinson the English struck first advancing on the Norwegians before they could fully deploy but this wasn't the Norwegian Kings first battle  He was Harald Hardrada the famous Viking who had spent his entire lifetime adventuring and battling all over the known world from modern-day Palestine to Italy to Russia to Ukraine he had carved out a fortune from the blood of his enemies and fought against far greater men than

Olaf Haraldsson: King of Norway 1015-1028Who was Olaf Haraldsson? When did OLAF become king? What is Olaf the patron saint of? When was Olaf canonized?

 At the brutal sea battle of spaulder near 1,000 most of Norway came under the control of the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard the battle was the latest confrontation in a near centuries-long struggle by Danish rulers to exert their authority to the north Swain's one-time  Ally Olaf twig fastened a warlord who had once ridden side by side with Spain if they ravaged England together during the 1990s made a last stand upon his mighty flagship the long serpent before leaping to his death in the frigid waters of the Baltic Sea after consolidating his hold over Norway and dividing it up between ambitious regional the Isles Spain then turned against England finally conquering it in 1030 just months later however and the great Danish ruler died and in the absence of his strong handed rule his empire began to break apart Denmark fell into the hands of his son Who was Olaf Haraldsson? When did OLAF become king? What is Olaf the patron saint of? When was Olaf canonized?  Harold in England his son

Haakon 'the Good': King of Norway 934-961Who was the greatest king of Norway? Who was the Viking king of Norway? When Earl Haakon of Norway died who became the next king? Who was the first king of Norway?

 Viking sails were spotted off the coast of england during the late 9 20 s yet these warriors hadn't crossed the sea to raid nor had they come to make war upon the newly forged nation instead they had come on a diplomatic mission their destination the court of King Athelstan grandson of Alfred the Great the first King to bear the title king of the English though the ships were likely manned by battle-hardened Nordic warriors hailing from the frosted fjord lands of the north their dragon boats carried another cargo - a young boy of around 10 years old a prince and if the sagas are to be believed the youngest son of the veteran Norwegian King Harald fairhair the boy's name was hack on and for close to a decade he would remain Athelstan skort raised as a foster son to the English King alongside a number of other royal princes from all over Europe until finally years later he returns to Norway along with an English fleet to reclaim his birthright ;  At the time of Hawkins birth pro

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